Deposit Holder Information Notice

On 7 February 2013, the Minister for Finance, Mr Michael Noonan. T.D., made an Order pursuant to Section 4 of the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Act, 2013 of Ireland (the “Act”) providing for the winding-up of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (in Special Liquidation) under the provisions of the Act. Pursuant to the same Order, Mr. Kieran Wallace and Mr. Eamonn Richardson (the "Special Liquidators") of KPMG, 1 Stokes Place, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 were appointed joint special liquidators of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (in Special Liquidation) ("IBRC") with all of the duties and powers conferred upon them by the Act.

Eligible deposits are covered by the joint safeguards of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (“DGS”) and/or the Eligible Liabilities Guarantee Scheme (“ELG”). Eligible deposits of up to €100,000 for an individual and €200,000 for individuals with a joint account in IBRC are protected by the DGS. Eligible deposits above this limit are guaranteed under the ELG.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme (‘DGS’)

There is no need to make a claim for compensation under the DGS. The Special Liquidators will provide details of eligible depositors and account balances to the Central Bank. Payments will be made by cheque within 20 working days of the appointment of the Special Liquidators and will be sent to depositors at the address held by IBRC.

In a limited number of circumstances, additional information may be required to confirm eligibility. In this instance, a formal claim is required. Depositors will be contacted but may also download relevant forms from the Central Bank website

Eligible Liabilities Guarantee (‘ELG’) scheme.

To the degree that customers are fully covered by the DGS no action is required as the Central Bank will be sending out cheques for amounts up to the first €100,000 of eligible deposits. To the extent that a deposit is not covered by the DGS and is covered by the ELG scheme, a claim must be submitted to the NTMA. Claim forms can be found on the NTMA website at

Set-Off against Borrowings

A significant portion of the deposits in IBRC are held by depositors who have connected loans with IBRC. The status of these deposits will be considered by the Special Liquidators in terms of the contractual arrangements applying to them. To the extent that they are legally entitled to do so and having regard to the arrangement in place between IBRC and customers on their date of appointment, the Special Liquidators will set-off all existing deposits against amounts due to IBRC under lending arrangements with the relevant customers.

If a deposit is not eligible under either the DGS or ELG schemes, the depositor will be treated in the same way as other unsecured creditors.

IBRC customers who have queries regarding their deposits can contact the helpdesk at 1800 303632